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Refugee Norway was established the 1st of May 2004 in Trondheim. The organisation was established because a group of engaged people wanted to do something with the conditions concerning increasing fear and intolerance towards foreign people.

The people who engaged themselves in this organisation often experienced that people who arrived in Norway were judged in advance because of their origin. This judgement was not only spoken by individuals, but also through the inhuman refugee-policy defined by the state.

The organisations main activities are “Camp Refugee” and the roleplay “Refugee”.

“Camp Refugee”
Camp Refugee is a new concept from Refugee Norway, developed by Kenneth Johansen in collaboration with pedagogues.

The main aim for Camp Refugee to achieve is to give the participates an insight in, and a feeling of, how it actually is to be a refugee and how refugees are treated by individuals and states.

Camp Refugee is located at Trandum camp near Gardermoen airport and runs from Friday evening to Sunday at noon. The participants will experience several activities such as ghost-hunting and roleplay. We wish to set fiction in relation with reality, therefore we visit the war-memorial in the Trandum-woods. This takes place before the participants themselves are let to pretend to be refugees in the roleplay “Refugee”, where they meet some of the problems and challenge that individuals can experience during a war.

Most importantly Camp Refugee gives the participants an opportunity to establish connections through play, fun and joint adventure.

The roleplay “Refugee”
Those who get the opportunity to experience the roleplay “Refugee” will probably never forget it. During 24 hours the youths will meet great challenges, both physical and psychic.

The main aim of the roleplay is to give the youths a chance to form a realistic and true picture of how real refugees are treated in the world today. The roleplay is based on the concept “learning by doing” and the participants are getting to experience small parts of what an actual refugee has to go through to get by. Continuously they have to make decisions and live with the consequences these decisions have on the development of the roleplay.

In the roleplay “Refugee” you will experience frustration, physical exhaustion, joy and great disappointment. But most of all, you will have an experience to remember for the rest of your life!

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